Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and what better time to show our pets just so how much we love them?

If you’re looking for the perfect valentine for your dog, we’ve got delicious news. Cupid just dropped off some small-batch dog cookies, guaranteed to give your Valentine puppy heart eyes.

Our gourmet Valentine’s Day dog cookies are hand-rolled, cut, and stamped, then oven-baked to perfection. Once baked, we decorate them with festive, dog-safe icing that your pup is bound to love. Featuring the best natural ingredients, these healthy dog treats are nutritious and absolutely adorable! They come in both heart-shaped and XO designs and are a seasonal favorite with our customers. Order a batch before they sell out!

Looking for more ways to show your dog you care? Our Spoil Boxes are filled with all-natural, organic dog treats, two fun pet toys, and a handmade slip-on bandana. Your furry valentine will absolutely love digging into each monthly box of fun. Our boxes come in three sizes (puppy, junior, and adult) depending on how old/large your pupper is, making it perfect for their age-specific needs. Purchase yours here!