Frequently Asked Questions

Can people eat the treats too?


We make our treats with dogs and cats in mind, so they may be a little bland to a human palette – but with a little butter, jelly, ice cream, they will be excellent for you to enjoy as well!

And rest assured, that we have customers and staff try our treats all the time and they love them. We have had people eat them plain, with butter, Nutella, and more.

How long do your treats stay fresh?

Not long once in your dog or cat’s mouth! Make sure you don’t leave the bag on the floor too long or where your pet can reach them or they will ALL be gone in minutes.

They will last at least 8 months in the bag, longer if frozen.

Do you deliver?

Order $15 or more and have us deliver our gourmet dog or cat treats to your home or business FREE!

We deliver to Gibsonville, Elon, Whitsett, Graham, Mebane and surrounding cities in North Carolina.

Do you ship your organic pet treats?

Yes! All over the United States and Canada. Our shipping is calculated accordingly when you place your order. Run on over and place your order here . 

What are the ingredients?

Our treats are made using human-grade 100% organic, all-natural ingredients.  Our gourmet dog and cat treats contain zero corn, zero soy, zero preservatives, zero fillers or meat and now we have a treat that is both gluten and grain free. Simply delicious, handmade, organic goodness one batch at a time! 

Perfect P’Nut: Organic Flour, Organic Apple Puree, Water, Organic Peanut Butter, and Organic Honey. Guaranteed Analysis: Min. Crude Protein: 11% Min. Crude Fat: 6% Max. Crude Fiber: 1% Max. Moisture Content: 23% 

Oats & Honey: Organic Flour, Organic Apple Puree, Water, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Honey, and Organic Oats. ​Guaranteed Analysis: Min. Crude Protein: 13% Min. Crude Fat: 5% Max. Crude Fiber: 1% Max. Moisture Content: 9%

Pure Delights: Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Butter, Organic Honey, Organic Apple Puree, and Water.

Doggy Breath Mints: Made with 100% Organic Ingredients: Oats, Parsley, Mint, Apple Puree, Water, and Coconut Oil.

Sweet Nips: Organic Flour, Organic Apple Puree, Water, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Honey, and Organic Catnip. Guaranteed Analysis: Min. Crude Protein: 13% Min. Crude Fat: 4% Max. Crude Fiber: 1% Max. Moisture Content: 9%

Do you have gluten and grain free treats?

Our Pure Delights are both Grain and Gluten Free available in 4 or 8 ounce bags.

Your dog or cat will thank you and beg for more pawesome delights.

Can my dog with (sensitive stomach, a diabetic or picky eater) eat your treats?

We understand and have used 100% organic human-grade ingredients for just that reason.

We have customers that eat our treats each day with sensitive stomachs, are diabetic or are really really picky eaters.

Just make sure you check with your vet first; once they approve let your pet get spoiled!

What if my dog or cat is really a picky eater?

Our dogs are picky eaters themselves and gobbled our treats up the very first one they tried. We know your pets can be shy in front of the camera and may not love them at first; but by the second treat they want the WHOLE bag! Try our treats today no matter how picky dogs and cats don’t refuse our treats. 

Can the treats be frozen?

Of course! You can freeze them for up to a year and your dog and cats will still love them and paw you for more.

Can I pick up my order or meet you somewhere?

Yes feel free to do so at Reedy Fork Organic Farm in Elon NC from 11am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Can’t pick up then? Make an appointment by contacting us here.

Can I personalize my order?

Let us know if you have a particular treat size in mind, want us to tweak a flavor, add a special touch to your order, send a note to your favorite pooch, customize your cake or cupcakes, or make a special doggydanna.

Did we leave something out above? No worries. Contact us here and let us know how we can give extra spoiling to your pet.

Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes, we do. We do ask that you order by the case to receive wholesale pricing. One case = 6 units.

Contact us here for more information and to see what our order form looks like.

We look forward to working with you, spoiling pets and their owners.

Do you have party favors for weddings or gender reveals for my pets?

Why of course!

We can customize doggydannas for your big day and even provide party favors with custom colors on each bone, cake, cupcake and more.

Contact us here for more information.

Do you have birthday cakes or cupcakes for dogs?

Yes we do. Give your dog a doggy doo!

We provide the cake or cupcakes, doggydanna, 2lbs of treats, the candle, plates, and napkins. You provide the venue and all your friends. Learn more here

Still have a question that we didn’t answer?

No worries! That’s what we are here for.