Holiday Pet Gift Basket


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Your sweet dog deserves the absolute best every Holiday!

Our holiday dog gift baskets include the following:

  • 1 Snack Bag of Perfect P’Nut Dog Treats
  • 1 Snack Bag of Oats & Honey Dog Treats
  • 1 Iced Dog Treat Seasonal Cookie
  • 3 Cream Filled Dog Treat Sandwiches
  • 1 Reversible, slip on the collar bandana
  • Reusable basket or tote

NOTE: Our holiday baskets vary by holiday, but will still spoil your pet just the same!

Handmade Treats

Each of our handmade pet treats is mixed, rolled, cut, stamped, baked, and packaged by hand in NC.

All Natural & Organic

Every ingredient that goes into our tasty pet treats is locally sourced, all natural, and organic.

Cat, Dog, Human Safe

We’ve tested our treats both with our pet’s help, and ourselves to ensure perfect quality.


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