Flea & Tick Dropper 2 oz

Rid the fleas and ticks from your dogs using essential oils.


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Organic Coconut Oil and Essential Oils.
Amount To Use Based On Size Of Dog:
Small dog: 1-2 dropper fulls
Medium dog:  2-3 dropper fulls
Large dog: 3-5 dropper fulls
Directions For Use:
Make sure to shake well before use. For best results use the flea and tick dropper year-round once a month along the middle of the dogs back starting from the neck in between the shoulder blades.
If fleas are overwhelming and this is not being used as a preventative apply to areas of dog that fleas are known to live: neck, back, hindquarters, and or belly.
You can apply every 24-48 hours when needed. Please don’t bathe dog after applying as the product doesn’t have time to dry.


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